Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Malia And Sasha Obama’s Biological Father

Barack and Michelle Obama will have to pay undisclosed damages in a ruling that will certainly change the way history will see the former First Family. The biological father of their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, has won an appeal that has been held up in federal court for years.

Bernand Sandlewood, famous for his first-chair violin work with the Chicago Philharmonic, says he just wanted to be paid the remainder of his contract, which the Obamas say was null and void the moment he went public that he was the girls’ father:

“According to the appellate court, the Obamas have a duty to pay the debt minus the agreed-upon penalty for public exposure. They still owe Sandlewood more than $850K. The court flat-out rejected the lower court’s ruling that the penalty should be adjusted commensurate with the status the Obamas achieved, citing a case from `1788 that still help precedent. The Supreme Court that year ruled that a binding contract cannot be changed without due consent. There was none.”

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Basically, the Obamas have been completely humiliated. Until this ruling, Sandlewood wasn’t officially anyone’s biological father. Now the Obama girls get to know they were raised by a fraud who shoots blanks. Sad.

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