BREAKING: Bill Clinton Responds To New Monica Lewinski Scandal

Former President Bill Clinton is on the defensive this morning after the news broke that a deal was brokered in 1998 to make Monica Lewinski and her son, David, who she raised as a nephew, very wealthy people. To date, they have received a reported $30 million and they’re looking for another $40 million to move on with their lives.

The news broke when a lawsuit, publicly filed in the 14th district, named Bill Clinton as the defendant in a breach of contract suit. He responded in a statement not long ago:

“I did not, nor will I ever have, had any children with that woman…Ms. Lewinski. This is some kind of a scam she invented to extort my wife and I. Our lives in public service are coming to an end and we won’t be bothered defending this nonsense in our golden years.

You people who buy into the tabloid stories about us are clearly sick in the head and should seek counseling. Have a nice day and try not to injure yourselves.”

~William Jefferson Clinton

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Well, there you have it. Bill Clinton, whose DNA is on file, will get to sit in his front porch rocker while they announce that he had a kid with Monica Lewinski he denies. Hillary must be furious. All we can say is…watch out.

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2 Responses

  1. Vicki says:

    Same story – different year.. I did not have sex with that woman!!

  2. LarryG says:

    He also lied under oath when he said, “I never had sex with that woman.”