BOMBSHELL: Bogus Impeachment Talk Leads To Treason Charges For Two Senators

Two Democrat senators made a huge mistake today when they decided to begin impeachment charges against our president under false pretenses. Under US Code Title 18 Subsection 410.91, knowingly perpetrating such an action is attempting a coup and therefore considered treason.

Not just treason, either…High treason. If the senators, Matt McCrosky from Vermont and Leon Pillman from Rhode Island, were to sign a full confession, which they won’t, they could actually be executed for their crime. People think impeachment is something you can just do on a whim because a bunch of people say things like “He’s a tyrant” and “he hates America.” You may have even heard that he sides with not just Russia but with certain terrorist groups, too.

Just because people say dumb stuff like that doesn’t mean the man should spend the next 7 1/2 years listening to it. What kind of a way is that to treat a sitting president?

The pair of New England based senators will be arraigned in federal court in New Jersey early next week. They allegedly started rumors about Donald Trump to spread online so they could start writing articles of impeachment. That level of manipulation could have been devastating to Trump and his administration.

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President Trump hasn’t commented yet and sources inside the White House say he probably won’t bother. He’ll probably tweet about it later. We look forward to watching him burn the liberals again!

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2 Responses

  1. Fay Butler says:

    Turn about is fair play senators. I am sick ad tired of your childish obstructionism. I hope they throw the book at the both of you.

  2. Linda Cardin says:

    I stand with our President, President Donald Trump is the best. He will lead America back to greatness.