BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton’s Biological Father Suing Bill And Hillary For ‘Emotional Distress’

As any discerning American knows, Chelsea Clinton is not Bill Clinton’s biological daughter, a fact that he and Crooked Killary have been hiding for decades. Of course, she’s ugly enough to be his real kid, but we’ve known the truth for years as Sleazebag Bill has even admitted as much on multiple occasions.

But, that’s not even close to the whole story though and Freedom Crossroads is bringing you the breaking scoop. We just learned that Chelsea’s real father is suing the Criminal Clinton Clan for “emotional distress” as these court documents show:

Court documents in the Clinton emotional distress case. Most have been redacted to protect our exclusive sources.

The claim is based on the assertion that Bill and Hillary were dishonest about Chelsea’s paternity, which caused her real father untold amounts of grief, shame, and distress. We wouldn’t be surprised if Bill’s disgusting public transgressions were listed as further evidence of this poor man’s deep emotional pain.

Although details are still sketchy, we know one thing for sure: if Chelsea’s real dad can bring down this notoriously sick and murdering family, he will be a real American patriot in the history books forever!

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FlashNewsCorner will bring you more on this developing story as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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3 Responses

  1. Randy Altstock says:

    Why are they pussy footing around the fact the Webster Hubble is Chelsea’s biological father? Just look at the pictures!

  2. Virginia says:

    Well, maybe when Bill kicks the bucket, Web and Hillary can get back together. Oh wait, he is that guy that f’d her that only time.

  3. Jeannie McCall says:

    Everyone knows Webster Hubbell is Chelsea’s biological father. The resemblance is totally uncanny. No reason not to state it in your article.