BREAKING: Chelsea’s Childhood Friend Just Blew The Lid Off MURDEROUS Clinton Family Secrets

Chelsea Clinton’s big, nasty mouth may have just gotten her criminal family in even more trouble, if that’s even possible. According to one of her closest childhood friends, who contacted Daily Post Feed after she ” felt personally threatened” by Chelsea, the Clintons have been using violent means to hush their opponents for decades.

The friend, who has asked to be referred to only as “Dana” due to fear of brutal retaliation from the Clintons, has finally had enough and she’s bravely speaking out.

Chelsea told me a lot of secrets when we were little…but I really thought she was, like, making a lot of it up to seem ‘cool.’ We lost touch for a few years and I didn’t think too much about all of her weird stories. The whole family was always a little ‘off.’ Everyone called them eccentric, but I think they’re much worse than that.

“Dana” and Chelsea went to elementary school together, but Dana moved to another state and the two didn’t see each other again until early May of this year. According to “Dana,” Chelsea was really happy to see her and wanted to pick up right where they left off, so they ended up spending the day together shopping. Afterward, over cocktails, things got absolutely BIZARRE, even by Clinton standards.

She was really talkative, manic almost. Like, maybe she was on speed or something. The more she drank, the more crazy stuff she was telling me. It was hard to hide the shock I was feeling while she told me about her parents’ ‘open marriage’ and sex parties. I couldn’t help it. I finally just asked her if she was being serious and if all the murder stuff she used to talk about when we were kids was true. At that point, she leaned in real close to me and said something like anyone who ‘comes after’ her family never lives to tell about it. It was scary. I just tried to get out of there quick because it seemed like the threat was aimed at me personally. Something is seriously wrong with these people.

Well, there you have it, straight from a close Clinton family friend that not only do Killary and her monstrous clan MURDER anyone who gets in their way, they openly BRAG about it! The Clintons have been killing and breaking every other law under the sun for so long that they don’t even care if people know anymore. This is SICK!

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“Dana” has agreed to speak with corespondents from Daily Post Feed and fill us on more grisly details soon, as it was too emotionally draining on her to continue. Check back for more on this developing blockbuster story.

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