WATCH: Chick Cheap Shots Guy From Behind, Get’s Choke Slammed Into Next Week

This sh*t is out of control from start to finish; not only are guys fighting guys and girls fighting girls, guys and girls are fighting each other, too!

I know a lot of older people look back on the era of their youth through rose-tinted glasses and start sentences off with “Back in my day…” but, seriously, when I was their age guys and girls just didn’t fight like that.

Sure, we’d play fight (I think it was some sort of lame primitive flirting, to be honest) but nobody got choke slammed WWE style!

Now, I know a bunch of you are going to hit the comments section and mention that the girls are the ones instigating sh*t with the guys and do you know what? You’re absolutely right!

I’m not saying it’s not their fault or even that they didn’t deserve what they got, just that it’s sad that this sort of thing even happens in the first place.

This clip is all sorts of mental; in it, a chick in a white top is trying to start a fight with two shirtless dudes. They seem to want nothing to do with her but she is ready to throw down.

In no time at all, chaos ensues; the two groups of friends come to blows and punches are being thrown left, right, and center. The guy filming lets out a “Yo, yooooo!” for good measure as he captures the crazy scene.

Then, all of a sudden, a petite chick in a black top and jean shorts tries a sneak attack on one of the topless dudes. He reacts like an absolute maniac, grabbing her by the throat and choke-slamming her into the ground. Still, it could have been worse; at least he didn’t go in for some ground-n-pound!

I really hate to say it but back in my day this never would have happened. Also, get off my lawn!

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