HE’S FINISHED: Colin Kaepernick BANNED From 2017 Season. What’s Your Response?

The absurdity of Colin Kaepernick continues. Why does the Left defend this guy?

Kaepernick will have trouble finding a team to play for in the upcoming football season. To make matters more ridiculous, he’s viewing his “ban” as an act of further oppression. This baby won’t stop crying.

It’s getting old, Kaepernick. You’re a millionaire and you want to throw a tantrum about discrimination? You were afforded great opportunities, and you’re destroying them in order to be politically relevant. It’s truly sad. So many young football player could’ve had his spot. Thankfully, his time on the field is over.

It will be difficult for Kaepernick to find new employment. The fans spoke, and Colin’s presence on the team drove viewership down immensely. Picking him up to play would be a tremendous risk.

Football is an All-American sport. Kneeling during the country’s national anthem before the game even begins sets a sour tone and emits negative energy through the stand. Colin has also shown blatant disrespect towards law enforcement. Cops enjoy football, too! It’s difficult to enjoy anything once it becomes politicized, football especially.

It will be interesting to see if Colin continues his protests off the field. It’s easy to get down on one knee for a few minutes, but it is unlikely that he’ll continue to spew divisive rhetoric now that he’s unemployed. If he doesn’t continue to condemn his country, the few people who do support him will think of him as a hypocrite.

Money holds a lot of power in this game, but it may not be enough to keep Colin pacified. If he decides to use his ban to promulgate more liberal lies, it could potentially ruin his football career forever. Now that he can’t shape his identity around being a football player, it’s quite possible he will build his new identity in protesting.

Either way, Kaepernick is screwed. Not a single football team will take him seriously after this. He messed up and used his platform inappropriately. In football, you have to be good. If you’re not good, you have to spend your free time getting better.

Colin was putting his effort in all the wrong areas. He wanted attention, he wanted to get noticed, and he wanted to appeal to a jaded liberal demographic. Guess what Colin — this demographic doesn’t watch football. They spend their time in cafes and trolling conservatives on the internet.

The protests are extremely overrated. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a famous celebrity. Regardless, you’re a millionaire, and you can’t relate to the everyday American.

Do what you were hired to do. Well-known people in the media genuinely don’t care about the political culture in this country. Chances are, their publicists are deciding their political intentions anyway.

They just want to stand out and get attention. They can afford to absolutely destroy their careers and still pay their bills.

Colin, on the other hand, will have a price to pay. What his next move is from here, who knows. He probably doesn’t even know. He’s a useless moron who will have to reap his losses.

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