Cuckoo Lib Celebs Just Had Complete Meltdown Over Trump, It’s Hysterical, “This Country Is _______”

Wealthy, out of touch Hollywood celebrities try to criticize our nation’s 45th President Donald Trump for using social media as a way of connecting with the constituents who he serves.

At the same time, however, these idiot celebrities spent all day during the presidential inauguration on Twitter, live-tweeting their unhinged thoughts and feelings about Trump. They finally had to admit to themselves that Donald Trump won and defeated their pet candidate Hillary Clinton, and they held a sloppy mess of a cuddle puddle with each other venting their “frustration” with each other. What they wrote is so sad and hilarious.

Began lazy Katy Perry, “Sleeping in.” Great to hear that, Katy, Very insightful. Later, after evidently waking up, she added, “All of the jokes/parody/comedy aside, let’s stop for a moment to take a full account of where we are. This country is lost. It’s in trouble.” Sure, Katy, probably lost somewhere in your mansion.

Then Knocked Up director Judd Apatow got in on the action, saying, “Not sad. A megalomaniac. A bottomless pit. He thought having money would make him happy. No. Women. No. This is his last try.” Apatow is clearly not a psychology expert. Then political non-expert Olivia Wilde chimed in, “Stop telling me to ‘get over it’. Get UNDER it. He works for US. The democratic process is constant. Stay informed, stay engaged, speak up.”

Then Precious actress decided it was her turn, writing, “I rebuke the Trump presidency. Y’all can have Mr Burns for a president if you want but I’m going to live in this photo forever.” Then she tweeted a photo over herself with her large hand right over her crotch. What are these Hollywood nitwits thinking?

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