Democrat Senator Raided By DEA Gives Up His Business Partner For Immunity

Democrat Senator Harold Lindsey of Wyoming was raided this morning by the DEA, who now say they were after an even bigger fish. The Senator, whose career is over, either way, has reached a deal with US Attorney Harkin Dentsby to give up the partner in the business that handles distribution and money laundering.

That partner, Lester Malroney, is also in cahoots with several other businesses, including arms dealing, international black market, espionage and “brokering information,” which is the buying and selling of state secrets. Malroney, an obviously fictitious name, leads to several shell corporations that operate offshore with registries in private domains with no public recourse for information.

It was nearly impossible until they came across the bills of lading for shipments around the world and found one thing in common: CGMO Inc, yet another shell but this one owned and operated publicly, is the sole owner of a fleet of ships, airplanes and helicopters used to move donations for the Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation, which had no idea the fleet also performed other tasks for other customers, according to CEO Chelsea Clinton, severed its ties with the company recently when it was discovered that the ships had been used to smuggle drugs and refugees. Adding a drug operation going out of the United States as well means the ships were being used for criminal activity at all times.

The owners of the company, Bill and Hillary Clinton, sold off their fleet to a Saudi Prince for a little over a billion dollars, but congressional investigators are now wondering if Bill and Hillary aren’t being named as Senator Lindsey’s accomplices.

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If the bust in Wisconsin can be tied to the Clintons, they could go down for smuggling and racketeering. Let’s hope it’s them.

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