Donald Trump Just HUMILIATED Obama with HUGE Inauguration News Today

The Democrats were so proud of their overlord Barack Obama and his super expensive, star-studded inauguration. They have been using it to attack Trump and blacklist celebs who try and play for him.


Today Trump announced that he has raised $90 million for his inauguration, almost DOUBLE Obama’s $55 million for his 2008 “spectacle”.

So what is Trump planning on doing with all this money? NOBODY KNOWS! He has had top TV producers and other experts involved in the planning but has also kept very secretive about what his event will be.

While Donald Trump has said he wants to keep it shorter and far more elegant than Obama’s circus, that $90 million could make some incredible things happen.

Also, in case you are worried that President Trump won’t be able to spend all $90 million (it’s a lot of money), all the remaining cash will be donated to various charities.

What this is REALLY a sign of is that America LOVES Donald Trump as our president. We elected him and we support him. We are not getting caught in the LIES and TRICKS of the CIA or Mainstream Media. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!

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So, while Trump clearly doesn’t need any more donations at this point, you can still help him out by sharing this news and tuning in on January 20th to see his incredible and historic inaugural event!

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