EXCLUSIVE: Suspect In Scalia Murder Named – Nationwide Manhunt Begins

After an independent report found a chemical derivative from foxglove in Antonin Scalia’s spinal and ocular fluid, an investigation began into an unknown man spotted on a single security camera at the hunting resort where the Supreme Court Justice was found dead. This afternoon, that man has been identified and the authorities across the country are being alerted to be on the lookout for him.

The story is being kept quiet in the press but details have arisen all across the internet from sources inside the department of Justice and Homeland Security. The FBI wasn’t invited to participate in the investigation but they have been asked to search for the suspect.

The suspect, identified only as John McMan, is a professional assassin who has been evading capture for 20 years and is wanted for questioning in over a dozen murders, including two that may link back to Hillary Clinton. This is the clearest picture the authorities have been able to produce:

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The photo was taken at a party in 2011. The hosts, prominent political supporters from Montana, ended up face down, drowned in their own pool. If you see or recognize this man, don’t try to approach him. He is considered a deadly weapon even if he’s not armed. Contact the authorities immediately.

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