FBI Reports Torture Room Found Underground At Clinton Estate

A room built from a buried shipping container with a hidden overhead hatch is likely where Miriam Loomis spent the last year of her life. Most likely transferred there from another location, the age of the hidden bunker was ascertained by an electrician’s permit to install a power panel. The service was performed in early 1999.

That was right at the time the Clintons purchased the home in Chappaqua, New York. Now, there’s little doubt what Bill did in his spare time. The container had a bedroom, crude plumbing drains for a bathroom, a garden hose and 24 electrical outlets. Bolts were drilled into the bottom of the steel box to hold as many as six sets of shackles.

The room had been scrubbed completely clean and all of the torture devices had been removed, but forensics are going over it with a fine-tooth comb looking for DNA evidence of any kind.

The Clintons are still out of the country but said through a spokeswoman that the container was an unfinished and forgotten project and they expect nothing criminal will be found there. The bunker was supposedly a “recommendation” from one of Hillary’s Secret Service agents. Police say the bunker was far too clean and sterile to have been sitting for years.

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It seems as though the rope that holds their lies together is unwinding.

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