LEAKED: Globalist ‘New World Order’ Marks Someone For Death For The 1st Time In 25 Years

The New World order, a not-so-secret organization made up of rich families and powerful government operatives from across the globe have been pushing the world towards a single globalist regime for decades. By manipulating the United Nations and installing puppets like Paul Ryan, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and others to high ranking positions in America, they have come very close to achieving their goals.

Until President Trump that it.

Now that there is someone who cares more about his country than the rest of the world and more about our economy than a few endangered animals, President Trump has become a liability and an enemy of the globalist regime. A source deep inside the organization said that Obama and his Deep State shadow government are entrenched in the battle to bring America to the world stage Trump has promised to keep us from.

That operative, who remains anonymous, is working for our president. He told Reuters:

For the first time since the 1990s, the people running the show behind the scenes have determined that a head of state is too powerful and too popular with the people. They murdered Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin and now they’ve put out the word that Donald Trump is next. A plan is being put in place to blame ‘right-wing extremists’ so the liberal agenda of world domination can take a step forward

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Secret Service has acknowledged the threat and will be stepping up security. Please share this post and help us pray for the life of our beloved president. He may be the only thing standing between us and a socialist world government.

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