It seems that Ivanka Trump and the Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, might be the latest victims of the recent Internet hacking scandal.

A mischievous group of hackers who identified themselves as the Turkish Crime Family (TCF) is threatening to release a compromising video of Donald Trump’s daughter.

The TCF is the same group that caused the recent The Fappening 2.0 incident that leaked private photographs of many celebrities, including Emma Watson and Mc Rose.

The hackers claim they broke into Ivanka Trump’s iCloud and took a private video showing her engaging in sexual intercourse with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The hacking group has given the American and Canadian governments a deadline until April 7 to pay up a ransom of $5o million in Bitcoin. Unless its demands are met, the group says it will release the video online.

A few alleged screenshots from the video have already been leaked on the internet, and while they don’t really show much, they show enough to cause controversy.

Both the White House and the Canadian government have contested the authenticity of the alleged screenshots and said they would not give to blackmail and extortion.

Ivanka Trump has met publicly with Justin Trudeau on two occasions since her father took office, and

The First Daughter sat next to Mr Trudeau in a meeting during his first visit to Washington in February, and also attended the play ‘Come From Away‘ together on Broadway on March 15.

Some pictures of the first meeting, showing Ivanka Trump casting what appears to be a meaningful gaze at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have prompted fevered speculation on social media over what might have been going through Ms Trump’s mind.

We have already aware of the consequences iCloud accounts can make if they get hacked by malicious attackers.

In 2014, iCloud hack led to The Fappening, wherein hackers flooded the Internet with nude photos of hundreds of female celebrities, which were stored in their iCloud accounts, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst.

A few weeks ago, Turkish Crime Family orchestrated The Fappening 2.0 incident that leaked private photographs of many celebrities, including Emma Watson and Mc Rose.

The group was already attempting to blackmail Apple by threatening to erase the iCloud accounts of up to 500 million users unless Apple accepts to pay a ransom.

The hackers have already risen the price of ransom once, from £75,000 to £750,000, and they are now demanding $50 million for a single video.

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Experts believe that the hackers are gradually realizing that the data they have collected is potentially worth a lot more than what they were originally demanding for it.

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