Hillary Clinton Just Caught In MASSIVE $145 Million Scandal With This Country… NO MEDIA OUTRAGE!

The public knows how corrupt the Clinton family really is. No matter how much liberals try to deny it. It is why the public voted for Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton. But Peter Schweitzer is revealing even more about all the dirty dealings of this politically established family.

In his book “Clinton Cash” he revealed the State Department approved a $145 million payment to be made to the Clinton Foundation from the Russian shareholders of Uranium One. This took place while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

During an interview on Fox News Business with Lou Dobson, the author said,

Look there are couple of things that are extremely troubling about the deal we touched on. Number one is the amount of money $145 million. We are not talking about a super PAC giving a million dollars to support a candidate. We are not talking about campaign donations. We are talking about $145 million, which by the way is 75 percent or more of the annual budget of the Clinton Foundation itself, so it’s a huge sum of money.

If Democrats were sincerely worried about Russia’s connection to the United States they would be calling for a probe into the Clinton Foundation. But instead, they focus on the President because they are sore losers and are pissed they didn’t win the election so they are seeking any excuse to take Trump down.

Despite the promise the Clintons made not to accept foreign donations during the time of her position as Secretary of State, the foundation accepted more than 1,100 donations. Regardless of the fact that she promised Congress while under oath.

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Apparently, Democrats are only concerned with corruption when the person suspected of it is a Republican. Because lacking integrity and honesty are ok if you’re a Democrat. Even after Hillary Clinton lost she is still embroiled in scandal. Some things truly will never change.

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