BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Viciously Attacks Trump Supporter

Liberals are cheering as a video is going around Twitter that shows Trump supporter Merv Haroldstein being viciously assaulted by a man who identified himself as an illegal immigrant.

After overhearing an elderly man make a comment about the flood of illegals entering our country, 23-year-old Jorge Enriquez Guadaladongo told Haroldstein, “go f*** yourself.”

Haroldstein became angry because the liberal hero had interrupted his conversation and called the man an unkind word he may have reconsidered using. Rather than speak to his victim civilly, Guadaladongo started punching.

By the end of the assault, Haroldstein was a bloody mess and his attacker was able to walk away without anyone stopping him.

This is not our America, patriots! It’s time to stop liberals from attacking people simply for expressing beliefs they don’t like or being white.

The assault occurred at a Panthers/Eagles football game, which is an unfriendly place for people who support traditional conservative values like patriotism these days.

You can see what happened below. You will be positively disgusted:

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