Malia Obama’s Drug Charges Mysteriously Dropped As She Moves Into Harvard

Recently, Malia was arrested buying school supplies — assuming that a seller’s quantity of marijuana, six pounds, can be considered “school supplies.”

Though she was initially suspended from Harvard until her criminal court case was resolved, Malia had daddy swoop in and save the day, bullying the university president into lifting the suspension.

Malia was spotted walking around the campus on Monday much to the delight of liberals.

Something else happened Monday – a judge suddenly dropped her charges, something that is a bit odd where a super-duper felony’s worth of drugs is involved.

Judge Mahmoud Charles of Chicago’s 13th District Court dismissed the charges as lacking “sufficient evidence” despite that police confiscated an oversized Prada handbag stuffed with drugs directly from the Obama daughter as she was walking out of her dealer’s house.

Recently, her dealer (a man released from prison during Obama’s mass clemency for drug dealers) “committed suicide” in prison shortly after he cut a deal with authorities to turn states’ evidence on Malia and her father.

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It looks like Daddy’s Little Princess can officially get away with anything. The rotten apple doesn’t call far from the gay Muslim tree.

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