BREAKING: Monica Lewinsky’s Son Is Missing–Last Seen Having Lunch With…

Monica Lewinsky’s son, David, was last seen walking down the street towards home after having lunch with a friend at a small cafe on the corner of 5Th and Madison. Until just this week, nobody even knew who David was. A federal court case filed by Lewinski and her son says the Clintons have been paying to keep him a secret and broke their contract to continue doing so. Bill Clinton waved it all off like it didn’t happen and went back to his chair.

Now, just days after this story broke, David walked away from a cozy little lunch and was never seen again. His date for the afternoon? None other than Chelsea Clinton:

What would the first daughter of corruption possibly be doing with her half brother, David? Did she just decide she had to meet him? The tone of the conversation was much like the picture: very low-key and somber. One waitress overheard David say “that sonofabitch” while Chelsea nodded her head in agreement.

We’ll never know what was said because they were on camera the whole time, David arrived later and left earlier than Clinton and she has a rock-solid alibi for her whereabouts afterward. Does that mean David wasn’t lured to a very specific area and taken on the way back home? It’s looking a little bit like that might be the case.

Chelsea Clinton gave a brief statement to detectives with her lawyers present and is not a person of interest at this time. The investigation is ongoing and blah blah blah.

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That’s how justice works when you’re a pawn for the global shadow government. Chelsea Clinton may still be low-level, but she’s low-level in the most powerful empire of corruption and greed the world has ever seen. Lock Her Up!

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