Murdered Reporter’s Notes Found 16 Years Later Are ‘Solid Evidence’ Against Clintons

The US Attorney for Fort Wembley, Indiana is considering filing her own charges against Bill and Hillary Clinton after evidence in a cold murder case from almost two decades ago implicates them in the murders of at least six people and embezzling for nearly $60 million.

Gina Gugliati, who has never met the Clintons and has no “vendetta” says the evidence led her here:

he Clintons have never been on my radar but now they are. This reporter was likely murdered by them for the information in this notebook. Their hired assassin hung onto it to use as leverage in case anything ever happened to him and he just turned up with a bullet in his head.

Basically, all roads on this one lead back to the Clintons. According to Gugliati, there’s a pile of names, bank accounts, businesses and other detailed information in that notebook that will have the Clinton legal team in a tailspin. Some of the names the reporter had collected info on include James McDougal and Vince Foster.

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The Clintons aren’t releasing any statements or responding to requests for interviews. Not even their spokesman is willing to talk at this point. Let’s hope this one makes a difference.

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