WATCH Muslim Refugee get SLAMMED on Video after Assaulting Police

During a police search of a criminal suspect at a public place of business, things got just a little out of hand.

Everything was going well until the cops started to search the suspect’s vehicle. That’s when it happened.

You ain’t searching my car” the suspect informed the officer while advancing in a threatening manner.

F..king pigs, you f..king pigs, let me go you f..k head or I’ll kill you myself” the suspect screams.

Now the one police officer may, (or may not have), went too far by spraying the hostile suspect with mace while he was fighting back against the officers that were trying to detain him, one thing is clear, he was definitely threatening them all telling them he is going to kill them.

The incident happened February 10th in Victoria, Australia, according to During the altercation, several Muslim refugees also started confronting the police in the suspect’s defense.


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What do you think about the situation? Were the cops in the right? What do you think about the suspect’s actions?

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3 Responses

  1. JOANNE says:

    My don’t refugees and their methods of transportation change

  2. John says:

    It appears he started getting physical with cops. Not a good idea!

  3. Cristy says:

    If you threaten a cop ? and resist you get what you get. I don’t see an issue here other than the cops were too slow, the other guy yelling should have been arrested for interfering. They need to have guns for protection that pepper spray not effective enough IMO