DISGUSTING PROOF: Muslims CELEBRATED Terror Attack In London

Keeping in typical “Peaceful Muslim” tradition after yesterday’s cowardice attack on London the members of the so-called “Religion of Peace” once again took to the internet and social media to show their true colors and celebrate.

Yes, as we have seen many times before, and as innocent people died in the streets of London on Wednesday, the cowards celebrated. You can see here from screenshots of a live Facebook video stream by Al Jazeera many people were pointing out the fact that so many Muslims “like” the video showing the carnage from London with smiley and laughing faces.

Aldo Sterone, who was watching the live feed at the same time, commented, “I am watching Al Jazeera live. You wouldn’t believe the number of likes, “well done” and “allahu akbar”.

And although the Left denies it, let’s not forget what sadly the majority of Americans already have, September 11, 2001. The day 3000 innocent souls lost their lives just because they went about their daily business.

And yes, once again “The Peace loving Religion” cheered and celebrated.

In a 2006 Pew Global Attitudes study, it was found that 42% of Muslims in France aged 18-29 thought that suicide bombings were sometimes justified. Also, multiple polls have come out here in the states which show majority support for Sharia Law and 1/4 support violence against Americans.

Of course, the “pro-freedom of speech left wing” in this country is too busy protesting President Trump to actually protest something that’s actually a threat to freedom of speech and their very existence. Keep in mind currently anywhere from 3 million to 7 million Muslims live in the US.

Yup, we see a lot about abortion here, but not a word against Islam nor Sharia Law. I guess free abortions are more important than calling out a Religion who promotes rape, beating and throwing acid on women’s faces.

Paul Joseph Watson, the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com, took to twitter yesterday to show his disgust.

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How much longer will the west be blinded by ignorance, political correctness, and sheer stupidity before we say “ENOUGH?.” And start acting accordingly against this barbaric Religion and its followers?

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