UNCOVERED: Obama Had A HUGE Secret Hidden Beneath The Streets Of DC

It’s fairly common knowledge that there is a complex series of tunnels beneath Washington DC. Through most of them, dignitaries and federal workers travel from place to place, making it easier to navigate the city:

That is the closest you will get to finding out where there are tunnels. IKt’s not to scale, not directionally accurate and basically just lists start and end points. Different clearance levels are required for different tunnels, etc, but the ride is really quite comfortable:

The tunnel system serves a very important purpose. It also includes miles and miles of low-access, classified areas for people with security clearance to do things in private. Historians, while mapping one of the oldest and least used — or so they thought — tunnel areas, came across a cavern sculpted out of rock on the way to Camp David. The cavern, which is more than 3500 square feet, has 6 entrances all with modern key-card security.

The Federal government has no record of any such project even though the card readers are government issue and the cavern is wired into the federal government’s power and information grid. The cavern, which may have been hard to identify had there never been a Barack Obama in the White House, is an elaborate Islamic mosque, built underground for the survivors of Jihad, we imagine:

Investigators are looking into how such a thing was built, though it is more than 6 miles from any n on-Presidential tunnel and in a rural area far outside of D.C. The working theory is that Obama built the mosque to appease foreign dignitaries and terrorists while he was kissing their behinds and giving them weapons to use against our own forces.

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We will update you on this developing story.

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