The MSM multi-front attacks on the Trump administration for alleged Russian connections has met its first retaliation. For months, Fake News stories with little or no credible intelligence have been circulating in an attempt to not only undermine the Presidency, but also to distract from the very real crimes committed by the Democrat administration.

A former aide to President Trump (unofficial capacity), Carter Page, has filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama and his administration for illegal spying. He states that Obama had no credible evidence to connect him with Russia, and the implication being that Obama was spying on him to “get dirt” on Donald Trump and scupper his election campaign.

Page had warrants issued against him to allow surveillance by the FISA courts under request from the Obama administration (with Barack being ultimately responsible). He claims that this violates his civil rights…and many agree with him.

Though the media refuses to admit it, the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian agent is starting to crumble, and Obama’s legacy is going down with it.

Carter Page, a former and unofficial aide to President Trump, has launched a lawsuit against Obama and his officials after it was revealed that he was targeted and spied on for his alleged connections to Russia. 

Trump brought Page in to help him work out the specifics of his foreign policy. Page was never an official advisor, but he was still named in warrants issued by the FISA court to be monitored.

Page is now suing the Obama administration for improper surveillance and violating his civil rights.

Furthermore, Carter Page is claiming that the Obama administration did not provide “strong” evidence of probable cause that he was a Russian agent to justify monitoring his communications.

Page says he is looking forward to the trial, since “The discovery process will be of great value to the United States, as our nation hears testimony from them under oath, and we receive disclosure of the documents which show what exactly was done in 2016.”

The Obama administration justified spying on Page on the basis of the now heavily debunked Trump dossier. The dossier made many wild claims and was used by the FBI to launch their investigation into the Trump-Russia connection.

The information in the dossier was collected by former British spy Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by the Democrat party to dig up any negative information he could against Trump.

The Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Chuck Grassely, has raised concerns about the use of the dossier by the FBI. “When political opposition research becomes the basis for law enforcement or intelligence efforts, it raises substantial questions about the independence of law enforcement and intelligence from politics,” he wrote.

Very few insiders are still in doubt that the “Russian Connection” is a smoke screen to cover Democrat crimes. The fact that so many warrants were applied for to watch “people with foreign connections” now seems a transparent attempt to provide blanket surveillance on the Trump team. Not only is it against the spirit of fair elections, it is illegal.

If the Trump administration did this to the Democrat candidate in 2024 (or even 2020), the media would be screaming “Civil Liberties Violation!”. Why the silence now?

The more we learn about the Trump-Russia connection, the more it appears to be an attack wholly fabricated by the Democrats. The two major pieces of evidence connecting Trump to Russia were revealed by private intelligence agencies hired by the Democrats. As Grassely notes, the real problem is how Democrat-sponsored research was used to justify actions by the supposedly non-political intelligence community.

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This lawsuit is one piece of the larger puzzle of unraveling the picture of corruption that was the Obama administration.

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