EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS Of Obama Visiting FEMA ‘Reprogramming’ Camp Uncovered

Images of Barack Obama visiting a FEMA camp where Americans were to be “reprogrammed” as socialists have surfaced. The images, which show an abandoned shopping mall turned into a prison, go from disturbing to downright frightening as the outside facade gives way to a solid stone and concrete prison for American citizens:

This abandoned mall in New Jersey looks like just another piece of real estate waiting to be turned…on the outside. On the inside, it became a maximum security prison the Obama administration planned to use to create a new society of socialists. This is one of 4 sites that have now been confirmed as FEMA operations approved by Obama himself.

The inside of the mall was transformed into a sterile, prison environment only with cages instead of cells:

The inmates, who would be called “students” during their stay, would be sent in small groups of three to five people to be reprogrammed by CIA mind control experts in classrooms like this:

Smaller groups would be easier to control. Those who refused to comply would have been put in floor cages like animals until they broke:

The courtyard to the mall would have made it easy to identify as a prison camp from the sky, so Obama had the airspace declared a no-fly zone:

“FEMA camps” were laughed at by the left for years while Obama was in office. The pictures and documents uncovered by the Trump administration show that the effort was meant to be carried out under Obama as a building project and under Clinton as an actual program. By the end of what they thought would be her term in 2024, America was to be turned over to a globalist regime with the Clintons and Obamas both in positions of great power.

Lucky for us that pesky election went and changed all that and now we have a man in the Oval Office who loves America and will make sure we remain free.

There are also pictures of the Obama motorcade entering an abandoned mall in South Dakota through the underground parking garage as well as more pictures of him with his generals touring the facility, but those have been classified and sent to congress. Trump’s spokesman from the White House OIP told Breitbart:

Mr. Trump wants to be sure these images don’t get leaked so nobody can say they were altered in any way. The originals, along with the files and documents that prove this was a true program, have been sent to a congressional investigative committee. What happens next is in their hands.

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We can only hope that what happens next are charges of treason.

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