CONFIRMED: Obama’s Deep State ‘Security Company’ Just Bought A Massive Decommissioned Air Force Base

The base at Fort Truss, New Hampshire is a little-known airstrip on the far side of the White Mountains, just past the Presidential Range. From the observatory on Mt. Washington on a clear day, you can see the main tower to the base looming over its defunct runways.

The base is the northernmost in the country outside of Alaska. It housed 3000 airmen and has three runways all capable of handling C-130 cargo planes and the President’s plane, though Air Force One has never landed there. It is the perfect location to stave off an invasion from the north or to begin one moving south.

Experts say that the base is fully staffed with a full regimen of fighters and support, could definitely launch an assault and win New England before anyone figured out what was going on:

“The New England states are in the perfect position defensively. They are the only pre-Civil War states in the union that have never been taken by an invading force. There’s a port in every other town. They’re staunchly progressive liberals who carry guns. It’s Obama’s dream come true.

For Obama to take up residence at the northern end of this perfect piece of real estate is a brilliant strategic move. He could raise his own flag over Boston and as long as the sheep who live there don’t turn on him, there is very little anyone could do about it.”

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That’s a scary thought. Would Obama wage war on the United States at this stage of the game? Probably not, but the move does indicate that he’s in the best position possible should it go down without notice.

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18 Responses

  1. Elsa says:

    I sir hope our FBI/CIA have their $hit together, monitoring, and able to take precautions. No private entity should have been permitted to take that piece of real estate!

  2. snowyriver says:

    Come on people.. Put on your thinking caps.. Where did Obama get the money to buy something like this?

    • J says:

      George Soros and The Clinton Foundation!

    • People better be putting on their thinking caps as to what he is planning on doing and it is not to look at that strip all day long.when you see his army invasion whoops! to late then the FBI needs to find out out where he stored all these guns and ammo he took from the northern states and where all these army tanks he brought up went. Obama is not through with the USA he wants to rule the world,that has been his intention the whole time ,why do you think the antifa is going over to other country to train? not for their health they are growing stronger everyday and who is letting them and not stopping them?Obama has a lot of hidden agendas in his plans for America to bad people has been so blind

  3. Pat Marshall says:


  4. Connie says:

    Remember He Has stollen Biillions from US the tax payers & George SOROS billions‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  5. Catherine says:

    He stole the taxpayers money for 8years iI hope the President knows about this Muslim

  6. Karla says:

    Freeze his assets and take back what belongs to the American taxpayer

  7. Paul says:

    sounds like a possible coup by obama and the left to take over the United States,LOCK AND LOAD AMERICA

  8. Olga Dion says:

    This is scary. He is a muslim, he gave millions to Antifa, BLM AND HE HATES america. THIS IS A BREEDING GROUNG FOR TERRORISTS AND TRAINING CAMPS. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Why does he need all this and where did he get the money? He stole it from the American people. They need to lock this guy up and/or watch him like a hawk.

  9. Roberta Linn Kelly says:

    I have to say this is more frighten than what is happening with North Korea, I do not trust this man….I hope our head of Home Land Security, FBI, CIA, NAS, Our Head of Military Defense is so on top of this Obama can’t breath with out them smelling his breath. How can a private person buy government property? it had to have cost billions? where did he get the money? something does not feel right at all. I have a very bad feeling about this in my gut. I want to be so wrong…. but my gut is always right!!!

  10. NANCY says:


  11. Melinda says:

    President Trump needs to be all over him 24/7, it is hard to tell why that man will do!

  12. Mary Ifland says:

    Here is a list of Forts in New Hampshire, and Fort Truss does not exist on this list. Looked this up typing in Fort Truss New Hampshire.