Obama’s Secret Service Protection Just Walked Out On Him After He Ignored A Veteran

The Secret Service agents assigned to protect former presidents consider themselves lucky. They get to spend their days providing security for legendary men who are, for the most part, not in the kind of danger they would be if they were still sitting in the Oval Office. Still, it’s not a job any of them take lightly.

Barack Obama’s team, after just a month, has already had enough. According to team leader James Pratonoski, since leaving the White House, Obama has become bitter and cruel. This morning, after attending a breakfast to benefit homeless vets of all things, Obama walked out early without ever addressing the crowd, demanding to be taken back to his palatial rental house where he could sit and stare out the window at Washington DC all day.

The team didn’t have an issue with that. People have their moments. What they did take notice of that was the last straw for them was the man with the USS Indiana hat on, covered with a tattered blanket on the sidewalk. As Obama got close, the man asked for some spare change. Obama threw his hands in the air, asked the man, “Do I look like a guy who carries around spare change?” and threw a lit cigarette in his direction.

Pratonoski was livid. He told CNBC:

I couldn’t believe it. He tossed that smoke and said, ‘don’t say I never did anything for you’ and kept going. Then he motioned towards the agents behind him and shouted, ‘ask these bums for some charity. It’s not like they earn their money.

That was it. The team brought Obama to his limo, put him inside and told the driver to take him directly home. By the time he got there, the SS staff there had already cleared out. It will take two or three days to re-staff the former president, who will have to remain inside until then with security he pays for himself.

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Sounds just like him, doesn’t it? There we have it. Obama hated America all along.

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