Osama Bin Laden ALIVE AND WELL: He is Fighting For ISIS In Syria!

Well, that’s just great. Marines in Syria helping to train local forces to fight ISIS got quite the surprise over the weekend. Called on to provide cover and support for a rescue operation to recover three Caledonian officers who were taken by the enemy, four Americans are now reporting that they came face-to-face with none other than Osama Bin Laden.

Captain Lamar Jenkins, who was the first on scene to secure our allies, told his brother in a phone call that one of the men holed up in the bunker where the officers were being held was without question Osama Bin Laden, the leader of al-Quaeda who claimed responsibility for the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington.

The brother, Scott Jenkins, told InfoWars:

Lamar was freaked out. He said he got within a few feet of the guy and when he stood up he knew. He was well over 6-feet tall and what American wouldn’t recognize that face? Either it was Osama Bin Laden or they had him cloned.

Because InfoWars is often known to be full of crap, NBC News obtained records through the Freedom of Information Act that confirmed that not only was Bin Laden seen by at least three other officers, he was photographed and his identity confirmed by facial recognition software. One of the Caledonians said Bin Laden was the chief interrogator and was extremely soft-spoken but did not deny who he was when asked. According to reports, he merely said, “I am whoever Allah needs me to be.”

This report isn’t just disturbing because of the fact that a terrorist mastermind the likes of which the world has never seen before is now a high-ranking ISIS operative, but because the liberals and Obama obviously lied about his death for propaganda reasons. Since the SEALS who nailed Bin Laden are positive they got their man, the question becomes how high up did this cover-up go? The man who double-tapped Bin Laden in the chest and head has been said to be less than honorable and managed to make a killing from a book deal. Maybe there’s a good reason he was never prosecuted for divulging classified information.

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Yet another mark on the “reputation” of Barack Obama.

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