ALERT: Pic Released of Hillary Drunk in Public… With Shocking Person

The rumors of Hillary’s drunk escapades throughout the campaign ran rampant and she has done nothing since to convince the American people she is anything but a “fall down drunk.”

New pictures have surfaced of Hillary Clinton attending the annual Society for Irish Women event in Scranton. And while you cannot see her in this picture, Huma Abedin also attended the event with Hillary.

Clinton is obviously hammered, with a dopey smile requiring, not one, but two handlers to hold her up as she stumbles around the hall.

If there are two things that can get a Clinton out of one of their mansions it is alcohol and other people’s money. This fundraising event was a perfect combination of Hillary’s interests.

Rumors circulated during the election about whether Clinton had a substance abuse problem, a health problem, or both. Now it’s clear that she indeed has problems handling alcohol.

However, she probably also has major health problems. Remember the video that circulated around during the campaign where Hillary was caught being thrown into a black van after being unable to hold herself up at a September 11th memorial event? Or maybe she was drunk then too!

Luckily, we will never have this problem with President Donald Trump, who abstains from alcohol. Besides, he is far too busy draining the swamp to be off drinking at a fundraiser.

America made the right choice last November by rejecting this mentally and physically unstable woman. The liberal media praised Hillary for attending this event and ignored her obvious drunkenness. They ironically label President Trump as “in over his head,” while Clinton cannot even handle a dinner party sober.

If Hillary is this much of a disgrace in her personal life, can you imagine how she would have made the United States look if she were our president? We would have been a laughing stock the world over!

Well, we now know how Hillary has been spending her time since her major defeat — drowning her sorrows while hiding her shame. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is traveling across the nation trashing Republicans and trying to earn more money for their personal fund, The Clinton Foundation. Times must be tough.

Hillary is JUST starting to make appearances in public again, after a four-month blackout. But if this is how she’s going to appear in public, she should highly consider going into hiding again!

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