BREAKING NEWS: Powerful Country Threatens Trump, Says War Is Coming!

Several countries are jousting with Trump to test the waters to see if he’s all talk or really means business. Now, it appears as though it is going from jousting to outright threats.

Iran was already on Trump’s radar, but General Mohammad Pakpour told Sephanews, “The enemy should not be mistaken in its assessments, and it will receive a strong slap in the face if it does make such a mistake,” via Yahoo.

This announcement came on the heel of three days of military exercises by the terrorist nation.

The point of the exercises? According to the general, it is “for world arrogance is not to do anything stupid.”

Iran is obviously feeling the pressure from Trump’s criticism over the deal Obama struck with them and is now feeling the need to flex its muscles.

While the country regularly poked the bear, so to speak, I never thought they would be stupid enough to provoke us directly into a conflict.

However, keep in mind, there are other ways for Iran to be a continued thorn in our side.

This most obvious is by continuing to support terrorist organizations the U.S. is currently working to nullify, such as Hezbollah.

The most recent statement, however, is definitely going to get our military’s attention as it does appear the country may be getting a little itchy with its trigger finger knowing Trump is a much bigger threat than Obama.

General Pakpour appears to be doing a little more than posturing now, and based on some of the actions towards the end of Obama’s presidency and in the early days of Trump’s presidency, Iran may now actually be thinking it is ready to step into the ring.

This blatant threat by Iran makes the reinstatement of the travel ban imperative because Iran would more than likely try to use small terror attacks here to evoke fear in this country.

I would expect Mad Dog Mattis and Trump both to have something to say about this threat in the very near future.

Iran better be careful because the country may get what it is wishing for, but I am certain the outcome of such an altercation would not be to their liking at all.

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