BREAKING: Roger Ailes’ Death Ruled ‘Suspicious’

A Coroner won’t release the details behind the cause of Roger Ailes other than to agree that he was “in poor health.” According to an aide inside the Medical Examiner’s office, June Smertz, Ailes may have actually bled to death when he was left in a bathtub of warm water with a fairly deep but short wound on his foot:

Mr. Ailes definitely could have stepped on something and not known it but it may have been his hemophilia that killed him. We won’t speculate as to the cause of the wound but a possible murder weapon is in the forensics database.

That means they’re looking for some kind of a knife or possibly a dagger that could have caused Ailes to exsanguinate in his own bath. Once there’s any kind of confirmation the conversation would have to turn to “who would want Roger Ailes, an aging and retired man in poor health, dead a few years ahead of his time?

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An investigation into the investigation has begun and we won’t stop until we get answers.

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