BREAKING: Russian Bombing Traced Back To This Obama Deep State Operative

The Russian government contacted the Trump administration just moments ago to inform them that the bombing in St. Petersburg this morning has been traced not too radical Islamic terrorists but to an operative inside the Obama Deep State shadow government.

Obama’s plan was fairly simple. By making it look like ISIS has reached all the way to the interior of Russia, maybe Putin would pull out of Syria to take care of his own people, leaving US forces vulnerable to attack from his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. Without Putin to intervene and with their knowledge of American tactics, Deep State would be able to make it seem that Trump is losing control.

It’s all a part of the Obama plan to destabilize the trump administration and make it seem weak. The Russians are certain they’ve figured out the whole plot. A small cell of Muslims was infiltrated and made to believe they were taking instructions from ISIS. They were provided with intel and materials to bomb the station in Russia. That intel and the bomb came from the Obama shadow government, working out of turkey, under direct orders from none other than John Kerry.

Putin has given the Trump administration an ultimatum to either admit the insurrection and turn Kerry over for prosecution or risk destabilizing our relationship with a world superpower.

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What would the liberals say? Oh, yeah. Thanks, Obama.

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