BREAKING: Scalia Murderer Found Dead In His Cell Under Mysterious Circumstances

Just hours after being captured at the southern border trying to flee the country, the man accused of killing Antonin Scalia was found dead in his cell. Authorities say they hadn’t had a chance to properly question him yet.

The man, who has been identified as a person of interest in at least a dozen politically motivated assassinations, including Vince Foster, died under extremely odd circumstances. Doctors say he died of a heart attack but he was relatively young and healthy. There was no torture involved, as he hadn’t been questioned yet.

Investigators looking into the man’s death are working with intelligence officers to find any evidence of his guilt. So far they haven’t even been able to properly identify him. His finger and palm prints have been burned off and his DNA isn’t on file anywhere.

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For now, no matter the circumstances, the DOJ is no closer to proving who is behind the death of Justice Scalia.

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