Sean Hannity Just Gave Fox News An Ultimatum!

After watching his good friend and colleague, Bill O’Reilly, get thrown under the bus by unproven allegations of sexual misconduct just months after his mentor, Roger Ailes, was ousted from his own network for the same thing, Sean Hannity has had enough. According to a senior aide at Fox News, Hannity sent the board of directors a letter that is making waves throughout the company.

The letter gives the board an ultimatum. Either they give him a contract that is iron-clad and guarantees he won’t be fired if a bunch of women around the office decides he’s the next cash-cow ripe for a lawsuit. He wants to know that he won’t be the next award-winning anchor tossed to the wind for political correctness.

In addition to his new contract, he also wanted the board to make sure that the frivolous lawsuits don’t run rampant through the lower levels of the company by making it clear that accusations of sexual misconduct have to be accompanied by proof; that the company will no longer ruin a man’s career over water cooler banter or locker room talk.

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Hannity stands to be the number one rated show on Fox now that O’Reilly has been let go. If the network doesn’t want to be reduced to a primetime full of Shep Smith and sub-par human interest reporters from the morning shows, they might want to give Hannity what he wants.

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4 Responses

  1. Martha Recknagle says:

    I hope Hannity gets what he wants and you can’t blame him either

  2. David Thomas says:

    Non-compliance would be the last nail in the coffin. Fox had better listen and listen closely. I’ve already stopped watching you, as have my friends and family. SHAPE UP, OR SHIP OUT !

  3. Carolyn Wisely says:

    Hannity, Rick and I are praying for you.!!! You don’t let them just roll over you, like they did with Bill O’Reilly!!! He was a good man and so are you!!! The liberals do not like what you are saying!!! They are just trying to shut you up!!! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT AND THEN STAND!!! Isaiah 40:31 Those that wait upon the Lord, will renew their strength, they will mount up like wings of eagles, and they will run and not be weary!!! You have stated you have a strong faith in God, and He is taking notes right now!!! We are praying for a backlash from the Conservative community, to support you, that has never been seen before!!! NEVER, EVER, QUIT!!! YOU ARE THE VOICE FOR ALL OF US, AND WE STAND WITH YOU!!! Carolyn

  4. Carolyn Wisely says:

    I forgot to send you my email, with our message to you. Rick and I are from Houston, Texas, and we fully support your conservative view!!! We are praying for you and your family!!! God has your back!!!