The Secret Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky Have Been Keeping Together For Years Just Came Out

A massive secret in the political world just came out that could have ramifications for the America we know and love. According to credible sources inside the Office of Governmental Ethics, the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky never ended. The couple has been meeting for middle-of-the-week hook-ups going back to the very last day Clinton was in office in January 2001.

How does that affect the country as a whole? According to LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda, the OGE has to decide if the influence of a third person on the actions of a president caused enough harm to alter the course of modern government. In this case, it could be argued that Justice Sonya Sotomayor should never have been appointed because we don’t know if that decision was directed by the power of a young intern and her oral skills.

On top of that, the repeal of sections of Glass-Steagal in Clinton’s final year would also call into question his judgment. If that’s the case, the entire financial meltdown would have been illegal and Obama, stooge that he is, committed a felony when he gave the crooks a trillion dollars for failing over an illegal recession.

In the end, if this is true, both Clinton and Obama need to be stripped of their titles as “POTUS” and forbidden to be anywhere near the political arena. They should also have to pay the trillion dollars back.

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Imagine how pissed off Hillary is right now? I’d give my 2nd-Amendment rights to be a fly on that wall.

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