BREAKING: Slick Willie And Killary Forced To Resign From Clinton Foundation After Latest Scandal

Chelsea Clinton wants the foundation that bears her family name to go on…without her parents. After it came out yesterday that the ships, planes, and helicopters used to deliver cargo from the foundation to impoverished nations were all technically leased from a company owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chelsea immediately began distancing herself.

This morning, at her request and the request of the board of directors, Bill and Hillary have resigned from their positions at the Clinton Foundation and word has it they’ll be selling their fleet of air and sea ships to a European investor for nearly $1 billion. Not a bad price for 12 cargo ships and a fleet of C-130 transports.

The entire incident has raised questions about the integrity of the foundation, even among liberals. While the foundation claims that 95 percent of the money it receives goes into supplies and costs for charitable programs, how much was spent on the delivery system that went right into their pockets? The fleet could have easily have been purchased by the foundation rather than by a hidden company that operates for profit.

The BHC Enterprises company that legally owns the ships filed a $60 million tax return last year and as far as anyone can tell its only customer is the Clinton Foundation.

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Now that the masterminds are gone the future of the foundation seems uncertain. Rumors are swirling that advisers are telling Chelsea to scrap it altogether and start over with a fresh, new name so that her life’s work isn’t forever tarnished by the scandals of her parents.

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