REPORT: Terrorists Using A New Strategy To ‘Blend In’ In Rural America

ISIS has figured out how to make their smuggled-in refugees nearly invisible to Americans – even those who are always on the lookout. Agent 1073 of the NSA, designated as a public sounding board, has issued a warning to rural Americans about the dangers possibly lurking right under your noses:

“ISIS has figured out that looking Muslim and shouting ‘Allahu Ahkbar’ isn’t going to be good enough in a group of Americans where statistically 3 out of 10 are carrying a lethal weapon. They have evolved to disguises we never considered.

The terrorist is more than likely not in a white Egyptian cotton robe but rather in blue jeans and a flannel. He is wearing a baseball or cowboy hat depending on his location. He has a psalm or passage from Luke tattooed on the forearm of his right arm so you see it when he greets you. He wears a cross around his neck.

ISIS knows that rural Americans don’t see color, but they do see clothing. Their women will be wearing form-fitting clothing. They will be well-versed on how to make an American man drool.

You won’t see them unless they have to be seen. They have figured out that they can drive around all day in a pickup truck or ’67 Challenger with tinted windows and a Confederate Flag bumper sticker and nobody will look twice.”

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Are you seeing vehicles in your town that you don’t recognize with Confederate flags in the beds or a bunch of bumper stickers about saving our troops and jailing Obama? They know what makes most real Americans comfortable. It just goes to show that what the liberals call “paranoia” is just plain smart. You’re not paranoid if you’re certain you’re being watched, you’re just smarter than everyone else.

Be smart. Keep your family safe!

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