TRAITOR: Sean Spicer Turns On Trump, Gets Job At Clinton Foundation

Sean Spicer’s abrupt resignation shocked many Patriots across the nation, but the reason just became clear. Fox News reports that the former Press Secretary has done the unthinkable: he has joined Team Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, the time Spicer has spent failing miserably to deliver Donald Trump’s message was not just a stint in incompetence but part of a ploy to destroy Donald Trump from within.

“We discovered Sean wasn’t just getting too fat for the cameras,” Steve Bannon told Fox News. “He was also getting fat off of paychecks from the DNC.”

An investigative team put together by Donald Trump and led by Bannon uncovered multiple deposits made by Democrat operatives into Spicer’s wife, Rebecca Miller’s, bank account dating back to January 21, 2017.

Further investigation uncovered text messages to and from Nancy Pelosi, who was giving Spicer his marching orders.

President Trump tweeted what appears at first glance to be support for his newly-fired press secretary, saying he has a “bright” future ahead. But what he meant was that he will be BURNING him. In short, Spicer will never work again for anyone who matters.

And it worked. Asked how he was feeling, Spicer told the FAKE NEWS media he was feeling “relieved” and looks “forward to spending a lot of time with my family.”

“That was particularly genius of the President,” Bannon told Tucker Carlson. “He wanted to give Sean false hope before dropping the bombshell that he knew what was going on. Never mess with a genius.”

Unfortunately, we can’t make stupid people refuse to hire him. Spicer had been rewarded for his hard work with a kushy job in the Clinton Foundation’s outreach department where he will reportedly pull in $350,000 a year.”

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Apparently, treason is lucrative.

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3 Responses

  1. JoJo says:

    I am so disappointed in Sean, but he sure isn’t very smart, or he would not be going to the Clinton side! He had better watch his back! He has been doing this all for money! He can count it down, as deceitful as he is and has been, his life will not be going anywhere ! God is in Control!

  2. m carter says:

    I’m so shocked as I liked spicer but if this is true its awful . how can people be so devious for the money, how can they live with them selves , just goes to show, you really cant trust many people when it involves lots of money. its shameful and it also shows how low down and dirty the democratic party really is with this crop of demos that they will do anything to get in power.
    not for the people but for themselves only I’m so upset now

  3. m. young says:

    this is very sad to hear just shows you that you cant trust very many people I’m shocked to hear this about spicer he has ruined his own like too now all for the big money no less and I guess this was going on for a while too so bad