BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Moves In On Obama With Jade Helm Investigation

Congressman Gowdy is intent on taking down the Obama Deep State shadow government any way he possibly can. Gowdy’s office announced this morning that the committee on governmental ethics will be moving forward to investigate and hopefully prosecute Obama along with 4 generals and an admiral for the attempted takeover of more than 300K square miles of the American south during Operation Jade Helm 15.

With newly released documentation of the original intent of the operation and the discovery of dozens of “reprogramming” camps across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, Gowdy intends to prove that Obama and his military minions were planning to basically take the southern states from their sovereign governments and turn them into federal land ruled by martial law.

With the south secure, the protests for freedom it would spur in the north would have given Obama the ammo he needed to suspend the federal government and habeas corpus in favor of a dictatorship. FEMA agents were being trained to program Americans to comply with their new socialist lives and law enforcement, including the FBI and Homeland Security, were being trained to secure and confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens in the name of a peaceful resolution to the “problem.”

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Gowdy says he will not rest until he gets to the bottom of the operation and puts Obama behind bars where he belongs.

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2 Responses

  1. Marilyn Smith says:

    I am a Texan and remember well when all this was happening. So glad Trey Gowdy is pursuing this threatening act of Obama’s!
    We have another result of good citizens being imprisoned and persecuted for defending their homesteads against Federal Government Overeach! These Patriots are in prison in Pahrump NV
    Go get the dishonest elected Trey Gowdy!!

  2. Lanny Wood says:

    Obama in jail? Don’t hold your breath.