Trump Forced To Replace Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer is by far the most qualified guy to run the White House Press Room. He’s intelligent, great on camera. thinks well on his feet and is never caught off guard. He’s perfect. That’s why the news this morning that Trump will have to replace him is such a punch in the gut.

Unfortunately, it’s his own fault. Spicer, Married with three kids, was caught on White House video having a steamy affair in the Press Secretary’s office with Kellyanne Conway. Conway, who is also married with children, has spoken a lot about her marriage lately, twice even calling her husband “estranged.”

It isn’t the fact that two consenting adults in unhappy marriages had a private moment together, it’s the fact that there are rules of etiquette and in the White House, Press Secretaries and Senior Advisers don’t mix business with pleasure. Trump says he will keep Spicer on as an adviser but that his time on camera is over. Conway, he said, is far too lonely and attractive to be held responsible for what happened, so she got a pass.

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Both Spicer and Conway have been ordered to seek marriage counseling and to consult their pastors for guidance.

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