Trump Just Solved The Secret Service Budget Crisis

President Trump just solved the Secret Service budget crisis in the most Trump way possible.

Upon hearing that the agency had squandered its budget for the year and that the agency would have difficulty paying the hardworking patriots who dedicate their lives to protecting him, the President refused to wait for Congress to take action.

President Trump announced that he will be donating his salary to the Secret Service budget. On top of that, he says he will pay any additional expenses out of his own pocket “until Democrats give these hardworking men and woman the pay they deserve for their hard work.”

Currently, more than 1,000 agents are at the federally mandated caps for salary and overtime allowances because of poor management on the part of the agency.

Trump “is committed to ensuring the Secret Service and all of those protecting our country have all the resources they need,” the White House said in a statement. “We are going to continue to work with Congress on this important issue, which requires their actions.”

“Why should we pay for him to go golfing?” Delaware Democrat Senator Pe Changle angrily told the New York Times. “We didn’t pump out this much money for Obama to go golfing.”

Changle introduced a bill Monday that would cap Secret Service funding until Planned Parenthood’s federal funding was doubled.

“I feel that we should be focusing on a women’s rights to proper healthcare rather than paying for Trump’s vacations,” Changle says.

Montana Senator Sharlene Shelly, also a Democrat, agrees with Changle, adding that increasing the Secret Service’s budget “should be the last thing that is even on the table.”

24 more Democrats have signed on to the bill. Zero Republicans have shown any support whatsoever.

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President Trump has more patriotism in his pinkie finger than any Democrat in office. It’s wonderful to know that he loves people serving their country enough to make sure they can be paid for their work.

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3 Responses

  1. Christopher Morvant says:

    Didn’t pay for Obama to go golfing? The man was on the links more than he was in Washington, and at that he was golfing at expensive, exclusive golf clubs worldwide. He even paid for Tiger Woods to teach him golf, talk about expense on the taxpayer dollar! Its time for Democrats to review the bill that Obama had the taxpayer to shell out for expensive vacations and golfing. Trump golfs at courses he owns, where’s the cost other than for travel and secret service protection.
    It is time that the abortion factory that is Planned Parenthood to be fully defunded. Cut off the Title X grants to this haphazardly, improperly managed crapfest.

  2. James Hanson says:

    Tell the Senator the reason they didn’t spend as much on Obammy is because he didn’t have Senators of the minority going online and calling for his assassination.

  3. Totally agree with Christopher Morvant and James Hanson.