BREAKING: Two Clinton Foundation Ships Just Disappeared From The Face Of The Earth

After the search and seizure of the Clinton Foundation’s flagship vessel, The Chelsea, at the Port of Baltimore this morning, the organization announced that it will recall all of its 11 remaining ships to port after they’ve finished their missions. The ships were dispersed all across the globe on various missions to deliver goods to impoverished nations. Or so they say.

Shortly after finding out that the Chelsea was being used by Jalal Lalaha to aid in terrorist activities, the US Navy acquired the transponder signals of all 11 ships so they could be monitored until they are recalled. As fighters and frigates began showing up to tail the vessels, two that were deep in the Pacific that would have taken more than three hours to reach from any known port or ship just…disappeared.

Rear Admiral Shaker Scott told Breitbart that the ships had obviously turned off their transponders and changed course, turning them from pinpointed locations on a map to virtual needles in the world’s largest haystack. “In three hours they could cover enough ground in enough directions to never be found again,” Scott said, “We’re fairly certain that they’ll resurface at some point with their cargo and any evidence of wrongdoing gone.”

That makes at least three of the 12 ships in the Clinton Foundation’s fleet that are obviously compromised, and the rest are still out there. They are being watched, yes, but the ocean is a big place and when it gets dark it’s very difficult to keep an eye on what might be going into the water.

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The Clintons have expressed their regret that their organization’s fleet has been “hijacked by suspected terrorists” and have pledged all of the resources at their disposal to aid in the investigation.

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  1. Jean ann says:

    Really! N WE R gonna listen to their lies!! 12 ships cover up terrorist ships n they r going to claim not of but all 12 of their ships were taken over by terrorists!!! N WE R gonna believe this because???