WATCH: Woman Tries to Shoot a Cop – Seconds Later, She’s Dead on Camera

During Obama’s time as president, it was not only acceptable to attack our police, it was actually applauded. Under Trump, that is changing dramatically.

According to Breitbart, Madison Dickson, 21, was being chased by police on March 18 when she starting firing at them with her gun. Dashboard cameras detail the sound of gunshots and the woman aiming the gun at the police. That’s when a police officer acted quickly and stopped her by running her over with his patrol car!

Dickson has a sheet as long as her arm, including previous gun violations and a carjacking, via KFOR.

In the report, it was said that she had been charged with “shooting with an intent to kill, assault with a dangerous weapon on two accounts, stealing a vehicle, larceny, and shooting a firearm in public.” This was all from incidents happening around March 11 and 12.

Police officials state that the sound of the gunshots in the dash cam videos are of Dickson firing at the police officers, with two officers firing back. That was before the police car ran over the woman and stopped her in her tracks.

Reportedly, Dickson died due to her injuries from the incident. I’m sure this is something that the liberals will be losing their minds about, most likely accusing these cops of “police brutality,” just like they always do. But I beg to disagree.

This was a dangerous individual that was putting the lives of our police officers and fellow Americans at risk with her crimes. She already attacked two individuals in a carjacking, so who knows what other crimes she would have committed if she hadn’t been caught.

The brave police officer was clearly in danger as this madwoman turned, gun in hand, so he did what he had to do and used his car as a weapon to take her down. It was him or her, and you know we are always going to side with the officer.

No one can or should fault the police in this instance. Yes, a life was lost, but that’s what happens when you don’t obey the law and become a menace to society.

Far too many times, the liberal media sides with the public, but they seem to forget people like this woman are dangerous criminals who put the lives of the officers at risk. Taking a life is the last resort for an officer, but they will do it if it is the only way possible to take a criminal down and preserve their safety and that of the public.

If Obama was still the president, he would most likely make a long-winded speech about the “unfortunate incident” and how our police officers should do this and that — basically crucifying them in front of the public and the media.

But, Donald Trump, defender of the police force, is in the White House — and thank God for that. This situation is an unfortunate one, but, at the end of the day, the good guys won and the bad guy (woman) lost. That’s something to cheer about.

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1 Response

  1. William says:

    Running someone over seems terible , but, you cannot pull a gun on a police officer.