Georgia Mosque KEEPS Hurricane Harvey Donations, Will Send To Syrian Refugees Instead

A mosque in Georgia is under fire after they solicited donations allegedly for victims of Hurricane Harvey but decided to keep them and send them to a different kind of refugee instead.

“Because Donald Trump will not let victims of war and crime seek solitude in the United States, we can not in good conscience help his people when so many Muslims can not find shelter,” said Imam Sharaj Alkalb of the Ramazala Mosque in Peachton. “Allah has told us that we must consider where the need is greater and respond to it.”

The mosque recently made headlines for its “Good work” in the community. According to news reports at the time, the mosque had raised more than $340,000 in cash and supplies “for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.” All of that will now be sent overseas to Syria to “help” people in refugee camps, which have been repeatedly identified as breeding grounds for ISIS recruitment.

“We intended to send it to the people impacted by the hurricane,” Alkalb said when asked if he lied about his intent when asking for donations from the community. “But after much prayer, Allah told us that we must help the people who need it most.”

Residents are outraged, demanding that Alkalb return their donations but he says he will not be doing that.

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It’s time for us to stop tolerating this stuff and make our voices heard!

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13 Responses

  1. colin says:

    That`s fraud should be arrested

  2. colin says:

    That`s fraud should be arrested and jailed

  3. Mary Love says:

    What brain dead fools would donate to them to start with ? Are there really people that stupid in Georgia I’m from Georgia still live in Georgia and I know there’s no way in hell I would do such a thing it makes me so mad that Americans are still blind to these bottom feeders called Muslims ” he prayed to his devil and his devil told him to send it all to more bottom feeders what a crock of shit ” they had it planned the whole time knowing some stupid ass Americans would fall for it and that did ” so friggin stupid !!!

  4. Marie Marzella says:

    That is “fraud.” They should be shut down and all what was given for Harvey victims should go to Harvey victims!

  5. These Scumbags are not in Greater need and they’re victims of War. The people who lost their homes and loved ones are victims not the Islamic Scumbags

  6. rob lunt says:

    if this is true ,I am sure that there are enough people who supported this cause for the original people to get some sort of FBI investigation and freeze the thieving barstewards bank accounts. this is fraud on a grand scale.



  8. Kathie Dowdy says:

    Let them get out,stoping using false reasons to collect for people over seas,we already do too much

  9. Elizabeth Del Greco says:

    I bet the American KKK could convince these lying thieves to send that money to the people for which it is intended. Are the people of American tired enough of being lied to, stolen from, insulted and jerked around yet?

  10. Lori says:

    Do you have the address for the mosque?

  11. B. Parkyn says:

    Exactly why we need a Muslim Ban in our Country. They do not want to be part of America, they want to overthrow America! They are just using any method to weaken us until they institute Sharia Law! Deport them all now!

  12. Don Richards says:

    Arrest the leaders of the mosque for financial fraud on a grand scale, then confiscate their assets and give them to Harvey victims. Done.

  13. staffsgt7 says:

    people don’t get it about zakat – or any moslem ‘donation’ or any useful idiot that gives money to moslems. sharia forbids them from helping any non-moslem, or giving them any money.

    Zakat, or moslem money, is to be distributed according to sharia and its holiest form is violent jihad – violent and stealth jihads against non-moslems.

    I won’t write out Quran 8:2-4

    When moslems say ‘for the poor’, or ‘for orphans’, etc – they are talking only about moslems. In regards to orphans – a non-moslem orphan will be taken and used as a slave, a sexual object, sometimes as a janissary (abused in all ways and taught to fight for their allah-thing), etc.

    We should NEVER give them money, a tax writeoff, or allow them to just distribute their zakat freely according to sharia because part of it does indeed fund violent jihad against us. They will double talk and then act offended if we don’t give them what they want because their sharia says we are to subjugate ourselves to them.