Muslim New Jersey Mayor Just Abolished Christmas ‘To Respect Other Religions’

You won’t see businesses in Hoboken, New Jersey decking the halls anytime soon thanks to the city’s new Mayor, Ravi Bhalla.

Bhalla was elected just yesterday but he has wasted no time implementing his new regime. While he could appreciate the freedom that allowed him to get elected, Bhalla decided to instead spend his early days taking it away from others.

Bhalla will officially take office on November 29, just in time for Christmas. But the wreaths will not be hung nor will the carolers be singing with joy because Bhalla has canceled all “government involvement in the Christian holiday Christmas” out of respect for “other religions.”

“There are many who do not celebrate Christmas,” the turban-wearing Muslim mayor told the Hoboken Star. “Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. Jews do not celebrate Christmas. Atheists do not celebrate Christmas. The list goes on.”

Bhalla says that instead of the annual Christmas celebration that has been held every year Hoboken has existed, the city will be having an “All holiday matter” celebration that will incorporate “elements of all major religions’ holiday celebrations.”

when Bhalla was elected, he promised to “glorify Allah in every decision.” This must be part of that.

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Already, more than 3,500 residents have called the office of current outgoing mayor Shelly Hoberstein to complain.

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