Antifa Group Arrested, And One Member Is The Daughter Of A Democrat Senator

Democrat Senator Keith Ellison’s daughter Lucy has some ‘splaining to do after she was arrested with a group of far-Left criminals Saturday.

During a planned “civil war” that was to kick off a “week of violence” against Trump supporters and white people, a group of six “Antifa” were arrested in Waukegan, Wyoming.

Lucy Stevens, Ellison’s oldest daughter, was arrested when she and five other terrorists who covered their faces to avoid identification threw a Molotov cocktail bomb through the window of a Hobby Lobby and proceeded to smash up property in the store.

Police arrived and Stevens attempted to flee with her co-conspirators – her husband Rafiq and four others – but she and Rafiq were caught and arrested.

Fox News first reported this information Saturday evening, but Senator Ellison’s office has not yet responded to news of the arrest.

This is what Democrat Party wants, and we need to give it to them. Arm up, fellow Patriots! It’s time to protect our sovereign nation from a threat from within!

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