Antifa Group Arrested, And One Member Is The Daughter Of A Democrat Senator

Democrat Senator Keith Ellison’s daughter Lucy has some ‘splaining to do after she was arrested with a group of far-Left criminals Saturday.

During a planned “civil war” that was to kick off a “week of violence” against Trump supporters and white people, a group of six “Antifa” were arrested in Waukegan, Wyoming.

Lucy Stevens, Ellison’s oldest daughter, was arrested when she and five other terrorists who covered their faces to avoid identification threw a Molotov cocktail bomb through the window of a Hobby Lobby and proceeded to smash up property in the store.

Police arrived and Stevens attempted to flee with her co-conspirators – her husband Rafiq and four others – but she and Rafiq were caught and arrested.

Fox News first reported this information Saturday evening, but Senator Ellison’s office has not yet responded to news of the arrest.

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This is what Democrat Party wants, and we need to give it to them. Arm up, fellow Patriots! It’s time to protect our sovereign nation from a threat from within!

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