BREAKING: Manafort Grand Juror Outed As Clinton Operative

It’s time to investigate the grand jury that indicted Paul Manafort because something fishy is happening. Normally, identities of grand jurors are kept secret, but Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft’s keen eye helped identify one of them.

Hoft ran facial recognition over a leaked photo of the grand jurors and was able to identify one of the people in the photo: Janitta Braley, Clinton’s campaign’s Baltimore co-chair when she ran against Barack Obama in 2008.

Braley went on to head up staffing for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign and famously endorsed Clinton during the rigged Democrat primary.

Is it fair that Mueller selected a grand juror with a clear bias against Donald Trump? Can we truly trust that Braley voted in the best interest of the country?

Recently, another grand juror leaked some valuable information that Roger Clinton Jr. was being indicted and turned up dead the next day. What is going on?

It’s time for We The People to rise up and demand an investigation into Mueller’s corrupt grand jury proceedings.

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