BREAKING: President Trump Signs Executive Order Stripping NFL Of ‘Non-Profit’ Status

The federal government grants some businesses the ability to pay reduced or no taxes because they are set up as a “non-profit.” The NFL is one of those businesses – or was, until Sunday evening when Donald Trump quietly signed an executive order removing the sports league’s non-profit status.

The order notes the un-American attitude displayed by the players, who repeatedly kneel during the National Anthem, burn flags in their locker rooms, and disrespect our country in every way imaginable.

To date, little has been done to stop players from disrespecting our military, our flag, and all they stand for, so President Trump “temporarily” revoked their 401(c)(3) status “until it is clear that players and team owners respect their country.”

The NFL will be classified as a for-profit entity for tax purposes for the 2017 fiscal year, but the order allows the league to re-apply for tax-exempt status in January 2018 “if all of the problems are solved.”

The White House spokeswoman told Breitbart News that the President hopes to see all the “athletes protesting our police and our flag or otherwise using their positions to spread hate” fired and replaced with people who “love and respect America.”

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The NFL has thus far refused comment.

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4 Responses

  1. James McCollum says:

    Great Job MR PRESIDENT

  2. Ferrell says:

    i think this already happened in 2015

  3. If true this would be great!

  4. Fux says:

    Our piece of shit president is a bitch!