JUST IN: Bombshell Revelation Hits Obama’s Iran Deal, He Wanted This Hidden Forever

During Obama’s second term, he participated in what was known as the Iran Deal. He made it out to be one of the highest points in his presidency, but of course, we discovered that it was shrouded in LIES!

The deal was supposed to release seven Iranians that were being held by the U.S.A. According to the New York Post, it turns out that they were not only a threat to our national security but not even civilians! He really thought we would never find out?

Initially, they told us that the seven men were mere civilians.  The full description labeled them as businessmen who were convicted or awaiting trial for “sanctions-related offenses, violations of the trade embargo.” The complete opposite of this claim turned out to be true.

Some of the men released were even under investigation by Obama’s Justice Department for being a threat to our national security. If this bold and careless move does not give you insight into just how little Obama cared about the American people, then we don’t know what will convince you.

Three of the seven were involved in giving Iran U.S.-made microelectronics; the same technology that allows for things like CRUISE MISSILES. Another individual who was released was in the middle of an eight-year sentence for conspiracy. He was supplying Iran with satellite technology.

Call us crazy, but that does not sound like a bunch of good businessmen who ended up in a bad situation? It sounds to us like Obama released a bunch of CRIMINALS who THREATENED our country with their actions. He then LIED about it to our faces, showing again that he thinks we are stupid.

Upon further investigation, the plot thickens! Obama also dropped cases against 14 FUGITIVES in exchange for Iran releasing Americans. International arrest warrants were lost in the wind, never to be spoken of again.

The most dangerous person involved in this situation was a man named Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili. He was charged with being part of a SEVEN YEAR LONG CONSPIRACY! Evidence showed that he obtained thousands of nuclear applications for Iran through China.

Obama never cared about the patriots here or in our country. It is almost as if he wanted to see us fall. He NEEDS to be punished for letting this happen unchecked. There are enough terrorist attacks going on around the world without us just letting people involved in some very shady business walk free. There needs to be a full investigation into this so we can find out the finer details of the Iran deal that were, apparently, under wraps.

The odds are there is even more to this story. Obama needs to be arrested for treason TODAY!

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What kind of punishment do you think Obama should face for betraying us? Please share this story and let us know because we want to hear YOUR voice!

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