Hillary Caught On Tape Laughing About Irma ‘Wiping Out All Of Those Florida Hillbillies’

While filming a segment for The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Hillary Rodham Clinton was nabbed on tape saying the most awful thing imaginable about Hurricane Irma and its potential victims:

“To be honest, Rachel, it would probably be good for the country if Irma were to just wipe every Florida hillbilly off the map. I mean…they live in trailers by the water, right?”

Clinton began to laugh but Maddow stopped her:

“Madam Secretary, that’s not funny. There are 37 million people in the path of the worst storm our country has seen since Katrina and it will probably do more damage. That was callous and wrong. You’ve been poisoned. Not everything is politics.”

Maddow canceled the interview and agreed to bury the footage, but one sound engineer who is a true patriot managed to keep a copy:

“As soon as I heard her say it I knew she screwed up real bad. She was talking to people backstage about running for president again in 2020. There ain’t no way she’s gonna run now. Not without making me a very rich man.”

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The engineer, who refused to be named, says he will hold onto the footage until he needs it to either “save the country or himself.” He says he’s made “arrangements” in case anything happens to him.

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11 Responses

  1. Vigin Cotton says:

    ‘vanta bet?

  2. No, Hillary, they don’t all live in trailers near the water, stupid. Beaches are prime property, as you and your ritzy cronies well know. That real estate costs millions. People living in trailers could never afford to live there. Secondly, as a Senator from New York, you above all, should know that a huge number of retirees from New York live in Florida. So are you calling New Yorkers hillbillies? You are one arrogant, cold bitch. You want to continue trashing Trump for things he has said after making such callous remarks about Americans? You’ve done it countless times over the decades. When Trump talks about Americans, he doesn’t say such stupid and heartless things as you do. But then, in the world of Clintonia I guess no one has any value other than you, not even Americans, many of whom, sad to say, voted for you.

  3. fran says:

    if this is true he better make dozens of copies and put in safe hands round the usa better yet release it now when it would mean so much to all americans to know what a evil women she is

  4. Patty B says:

    I don’t know if I can believe this. Maddow would laugh among w her and happily agree.

  5. DONNA says:


  6. carolune says:

    Release them now while you can varify them and before you are suscided

  7. James Papulias says:

    He will probably end up dead like the rest of them

  8. Tammy Capo says:

    Where is the proof? I agree with Fran, release it now so we can wipe that smug smile off her entitled face once and for all.

  9. Teresa mallozzi says:

    If this is true release it now , we would love to shove that in crazy Maddow and Killary’ s face !

  10. Trisha says:

    Uh…no “HILLS” in Florida…..but PLENTY of former REAL New Yorkers (not carpetbaggers)& Trump supporters!