WOW! The Truth Just Came Out About Jade Helm

In the summer of 2015, the United States government engaged in a “training exercise” that spanned 17 states and included more soldiers and guardsmen than we sent to Iraq. It was called “Operation Jade Helm 15,” and it was as close as we’ve ever come to losing all of our rights and freedoms, according to a new report from the Trump administration.

The operation was cleverly disguised until what liberals call “the extreme right” exposed it for what it really was: a power and gun grab of massive proportions. Outlets like Breitbart, The Washington Examiner and Conservative Firing Line along with high profile members of the Tea Party and military commanders who truly love their country refused to back down, threatening to bring the Obama administration that started it all into the throes of the next Civil War.

A file help in the office of disgraced Obama Military advisor Michael Leternau tells the true story. All of the speculation and accusations were true. Stadiums were being readied to be turned into internment camps under the direction of FEMA. Box stores like Walmart and Costco were being turned into recruitment and supply centers. Armories popped up across the south for soldiers to drop off weapons confiscated from American citizens.

The file states plainly that the operation was aimed at “taking the south back” from the conservative movement in America that had turned our streets into “racist, radical fronts for future fascism.” Obama’s answer was going to be martial law, suspension of habeas corpus and the installation of himself as a dictator and his cronies as the new American regime.

The only reason it failed was because true Americans resisted, stood up and said, “NO!” We were armed and ready just in case and what Obama’s generals said would be a quiet takeover and transition quickly became an eminent bloodbath not worth the end result. Jade Helm was scrapped and turned into the training exercise they said it would be.

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President Trump’s spokesman has said there will be an investigation.

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